Motorola first released the Droid Zap app back in August, and while it consisted largely of blacks and reds, it still provided a relatively integrated experience. But already, things were changing, and they haven't slowed since - Android apps these days are filled with image-heavy cards and convenient sidebars. Now the latest version of Droid Zap has both of these elements.

Zap1 Zap2 Zap3

This app allows DROID users to share files with people within 300 feet of them. All they have to do is swipe up on the file, and people in the vicinity will get alerted to the content, which they can then receive by swiping down within the app. The thing is, only DROID users can send anything. Anyone else will be greeted by this message.


It's sort of a disappointment, only not really. There are plenty of ways to share files out there. But if you have a friend or loved one with a DROID device that can't stop zapping people, downloading this app will at least allow you to play along. And now it will look better in the process.

Droid Zap
Droid Zap
Price: Free