See that red-haired hero up there? He's gotten angrier over the years. In the first Eternity Warriors, he held his blade over his head, enthusiastically ready to jump into a horde of demons and serve them a fresh slice of justice. Then, after what was quite a disappointing quest, he returned for a sequel looking much angrier, as though he couldn't believe he had to go through this again. Now he's back for a third adventure, and he looks positively filled with rage. As much as he hates the task at hand, millions of players can't get enough of this hack-and-slash adventure.

Warriors1 Warriors2 Warriors3

The last Demon Tower fell in Eternity Warriors 2, but evil is still plaguing the people of Northern Udar. Players will crawl through dungeons as warriors, mages, or monks, slaying countless fiends and collecting precious loot in order to save the world once more. The 3D visuals have been improved since the previous release, and you will be able to admire them alongside other gamers either as friends or foes after each other's blood.

The game is free to play, but there are extra items that will cost you real money to acquire. Udar's merchants aren't the best warriors, and they need to survive somehow.

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