The Play Store is brimming with alternative home screens, but Aviate was far and away one of the most impressive we saw last year. This beautifully designed launcher takes a completely different approach to organizing your apps and data. Apparently Yahoo was just as impressed as we were because the company just announced at CES that it has acquired Aviate.


In case you missed it, Aviate tracks your usage patterns and groups apps into categories that are presented to you based on the time of day and your location. For example, in the morning it might show you your calendar appointments and news apps in the morning "space." If you're near a restaurant, it shows you reviews and surfaces dining apps.

Yahoo says it will continue improving the product, but didn't elaborate on possible Yahoo services integration. Aviate is still in beta, but the first 25,000 people to use the invite code "YAHOO" can start using it today.

Yahoo Aviate Launcher
Yahoo Aviate Launcher
Developer: Yahoo
Price: Free