Qualcomm wants you to imagine a world where your mobile device is always connected. No, not that phone in your pocket. Nope, not that tablet either. Bigger. That 3,000 lb. mobile device sitting the driveway. Imagine a vehicle with a screen embedded both in your dashboard and behind every headrest, all syncing up with the screens that sit in every lap except for, ideally, the driver's.

Qualcomm's Snapdragon Automotive Solutions offering combines a Snapdragon 602A processor with QTI's 3G/LTE wireless modems and WiFi/Bluetooth connectivity to provide this connected in-car experience. As the video above shows, this technology empowers owners to turn their smartphones into key fobs and use their center console to check tire pressure. Passengers can browse the web, stream video, and listen to Internet radio regardless of where they are or where they're going (assuming they have signal). Not only that, the vehicle could theoretically use gesture and facial recognition to access infotainment systems.

With so many screens around, say goodbye to looking out the window. The outside world is merely a distraction from the Twitter streams and Netflix repeats that our brains would shut down from under-stimulation without. Expect the number of people you pass on the road who are staring at screens to only go up in the years ahead.

Source: Qualcomm