CyanogenMod's first officially supported handset, the Oppo N1, has just hit retail. However, the company has teased another partnership recently, but refused to confirm any of the speculation surrounding the fledgling smartphone startup OnePlus. Now the company has officially acknowledged that it will be working with Cyanogen Inc. on hardware. It even announced the name of its first device – the OnePlus One (or... the Two?).

2014-01-06 21_55_16-OnePlus

Unlike the Oppo N1, this device will not simply be repurposed for use with CM. The CyanogenMod team will be working closely with OnePlus to design a custom hardware and software experience with special features and tweaks. The Oppo N1 has seen lukewarm reviews (or worse, like ours), but it was an important step for CyanogenMod to make sure it could get a device through Google's CTS gauntlet.

OnePlus didn't elaborate on the reason for going with 'One' as the name if its debut phone, but did say it would likely be unveiled in the first half of 2014. Seems like there are an unprecedented number of devices out to be The One these days – insert your choice of a Jet Li or Highlander joke here.