Remember when Pebble blew its $100,000 Kickstarter funding goal out of the water by raising over 50 times that much? Well it's not the only watch born from that crowdfunding platform to bring in a ton of cash. The Omate Truesmart watch, despite being even bulkier than most of the already chunky competition, finished its Kickstarter campaign with over $1,000,000. Much of this money came from enthusiasts eager to have an even smaller build of Android on their wrist at all times - so for those people who are already unconcerned with thoughts of practicality or fashion, TeamWin has recently added support for the TrueSmart to TWRP. Forget flashing custom ROMs to your phone - now your watch can get in on the action too.


TeamWin2 TeamWin3

To get your hands on the software, just head over to TeamWin's Omate TrueSmart page and follow the provided instructions. When you're done, you should be greeted by the somewhat adorable 240 by 240 theme you see above.

But as usual, be careful what you do with TWRP. Taking a wrong step could easily brick your device. Though, to be honest, the TrueSmart is already a brick of a watch to begin with. Just do what you can to keep it working.

TeamWin's Omate TrueSmart Download Page

Source: Google+