Sony understands wearables, for the company's no stranger to Bluetooth headsets, earbuds, and, more recently, smartwatches. Now it's hitting CES with a new vision of SmartWear, a.k.a, basically whatever Sony makes that can pair with a phone and fit comfortable on, or in, your body. The most interesting of the newly unveiled gadgets is the SmartBand, a FitBit Flex-style bracelet that logs your activities throughout the day. It's thin, safe to wear in the shower, and has enough battery life to last for up to five days.

SmartBand1 SmartBand2 SmartBand3

Wearing a SmartBand isn't entirely a passive experience. The bracelet has buttons that you can use to toggle music on your paired phone. It can also interact with the Lifelog companion app that displays all of the data it gathers about you.


The SmartBand is joined by Sony's wireless SBH80 Bluetooth headset. It supports NFC, HD Voice, and aptX. This product is aimed at providing an improved music listening experience in between those hands-free phone calls.


Headset2 Headset3

Sony also snuck in some information about its recently launched SmartWatch 2. No, there isn't word of a new version, but the current model has received some unspecified updates. There are also additional apps available, bringing the total up to over 300 apps globally (around 250 in the US).


Stay tuned for more details, such as whether there will be limits to which devices the SmartBand can pair with, in the coming weeks.

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