Get this - dedicated GPS units are still a thing. Not only do they still exist, people are still buying them. So with these two things being true, Magellan has announced a new line of RoadMate GPS units running Android. These products aim to address a key advantage smartphones have had over their more-focused counterparts, their highly responsive screens. The company is now bringing the finger-friendly capacitive screens they've reserved for high-end models down to a more affordable level. The model it's sharing at CES this year is the RoadMate 5430T-LM.


This personal navigation device will monitor traffic and come with lifetime maps to go along with the improved screen. Is that enough to overcome the convenience of just using the smartphone you already have on you and that free copy of Google Maps? For many of us, probably not. Yet at $180, this is one product everyone else should keep an eye on when it comes to market in just a few months.

Source: Magellan