If you're a cloud storage junkie and you haven't checked out Copy, shame on you. It's your typical Dropbox/Google Drive/Skydrive/Box.net competitor with a twist: shared files and folders can be assigned to a single user so that they don't count against the data storage limit for other users. The previous version of the app wasn't exactly up on the latest visual design trends, but now Copy has a much cleaner look.

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Old above, new below.

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The app still has basically the same features: individual users get the access to all their cloud storage files, synced to desktops running Windows, OS X, or Linux. It does the usual public and private file sharing, direct sharing with other Copy users, yadda, yadda. One of the bigger points in Copy's favor is that it allows free users a whopping 15GB of storage, three times the standard free tier. Even corporate users can get 5 enterprise-level accounts with added security for free. Pro plans start at $10 a month for 250GB and go up.

The revamped app uses the standard slide-out navigation menu and a tabbed interface, with color-coded backgrounds depending on whether you're accessing local or remote files. The app also has plenty of enhancements and bug fixes, which recent reviews say have improved the performance considerably. The app and basic amount is free, and Copy works with Android 2.3.3 or higher.

The app was not found in the store. :-(