Even though Falcon Pro has long since been pulled from the Play Store after running out of Twitter tokens, the developer continues to build updates to squash bugs and even add new features. Today's update brings Falcon Pro up to v2.1 and includes some much needed options and tweaks.

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Here's the full changelog straight from the developer:

  • New : Streaming over all connections ! That means you get all interactions in real time, yes, all interactions :) To enable this, go in settings > Sync and enable "Real time with interactions", then let the magic happen !
  • New : "Stats" screen, showing you the impact of your tweets, with numbers of RTs and Favs. Have a few ideas for this, for now I'm keeping it simple. It's useful if you don't use the real time option.
  • Optimized scrolling
  • Tweet detail now shows the number of Favs for this tweet
  • Bigger image previews
  • More accurate conversations
  • Fixed translation crash
  • Fixed freeze
  • Many other fixes and optimisations

The stats screen will only list your tweets that have been retweeted or favorite'd, so it's a good way to monitor your popularity. Which, of course, is the reason we all use Twitter, right? The real time streaming over mobile data is cool too, but it will probably hit your battery harder.

Falcon Pro can be downloaded for free at the FP website, but it has also been uploaded to Google Play – you'll only be able to see it there if you bought it, though.

[Get Falcon Pro, +Joaquim Verges]