Think back to how annoying it was the last time you sat down on a couch without access to a power outlet. What about that chair situated in the awkward corner of the living room? College kids stuck on the top bunk - you know the feeling I'm talking about. We have these increasingly powerful Android devices without batteries large enough to hold a decent charge, and far too often having access to a power outlet is more important than aesthetics or comfort. Well here's yet another Kickstarter project that promises to scratch this itch, and no, it doesn't involve anything as quirky as strapping a battery to your ankle. Meet Power Pillow, a product that promises to recharge more than just your body the next time you take a nap.

The Power Pillow is a soft cushion with a 12,000mAh battery pack tucked away inside. It looks ideal for sofas, but there's no reason you couldn't toss one onto a bean bag, bed, car seat, picnic table, or anywhere else you might be stranded with a dying smartphone. The battery pack has two USB ports for multiple devices, and when it gets low, you're free to swap out the dying battery for a fresh one. The pillow's fabric will also apparently be "soft, durable, heat resistant, dissipate warmth, dissipate static and [able to] shield EMF."



As usual, what you get depends on how much you pledge. For $42 CAD (roughly equal to $40 USD), early buyers can get a Power Pillow with a single 12,000mAh battery. $47 CAD can snag one with two, and pledging at least $69 CAD nets seven designs to choose from.


The aforementioned early bird specials come with free shipping for buyers in the US or Canada, with everyone else having to pay the full shipping cost at time of checkout. The final product is expected to ship out this March.

Power Pillow has currently acquired roughly one-third of its $30,000 fundraising goal. If you're interested in helping out, there are 33 days left to become a backer.

Power Pillow: The phone and tablet charging system for all