This isn't a sale, so if the nerdgasm you have after viewing the upcoming images leave you too immobilized to hit that buy button right away, you have time to get yourself together. Geekify is offering a large selection of fantastical tablet cases on Etsy, such as one inspired by The Neverending Story that's made of faux leather and microsuede. An Auryn is even situated front and center, just above the title text. It doesn't come with a copy of the novel inside, but with the sheer volume of digital books available for whichever tablet you choose to slip in, you already have access to a genuinely never-ending supply of reading material.


Case1 Case2

The case costs $58.95 and is designed with e-readers in mind, but you can designate that you have a different 7-inch device while ordering. There is also a smaller version fitted for smartphones and a leather bound option that protects an actual copy of The Neverending Story instead.

Case4 Case5

Yet if you're more concerned about the story than the size, don't fret - there's plenty more where that came from. There's a tablet case based on Myst's Book of D'ni, Skyrim's Oghma Infinium, The Labyrinth, Tolkien's Red Book of Westmarch, Adventure Time's Enchiridion, and many more.

Case9 Case6

Case7 Case8


These tablet cases generally hover at around $60 and are handmade just for you. They may not be appearing for the first time, but the options continue to grow, and the selection is much larger now than it used to be. So how are you feeling? Still geeking out? Don't worry, we'll wait.

Good now? Swell. The link to Geekify's full selection of awesome cases is available below.

Geekify on Etsy

Source: Reddit