Fuhu is no stranger to partnerships at this point – the company has released the nabi jr. Nick Jr. Edition, nabi 2 Nick Edition, and nabi 2 Disney Edition. And according to the New York Times, it looks like another co-branded device is coming down the pike now, though this one reportedly exits the nabi line and will be released under the moniker DreamTab.

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This upcoming device is a collaboration between Fuhu and DreamWorks, and will come in an eight-inch form factor for roughly $300, though a 12-inch version could also show up down the road. The tablet should receive frequent character-based updates, bringing new content from DreamWorks character library to the device on a fairly regular basis.

Stylistically, the DreamTab is reminiscent of the nabi XD, just on a smaller scale. It's said to come with a stylus, as well as a slew of DreamWorks-related content and a suite of educational applications.

The DreamTab should be officially unveiled at CES next week, so look for the full skinny then.

NYTimes via Engadget