SwipePad is a gesture-based app switcher that lets users open a selection of apps without exiting the one they're in beforehand. The latest update isn't a large one, but it's bound to make using the launcher slightly less annoying. Now users have the option to select apps that should disable SwipePad's functionality while they are running. The recently updated version of Carbon, with its new slide-out view, is an example of one such app that could benefit from this option.

SwipePad1 SwipePad2

What's new:

  • Conditional Switches>Blacklist: choose apps in which you want SwipePad disabled
  • Improvements for Android 4.4

Keep in mind, SwipePad is not a home screen replacement. Your home button will still open your launcher of choice, even with this additional one installed. After all, this app isn't interested in redesigning your home screen - it wants to reduce how often you even have to see it. A link is available below for anyone who has yet to check it out firsthand.

SwipePad - One Swipe Launcher
SwipePad - One Swipe Launcher