Microsoft isn't really known for designing great apps for Android, but whoever is in charge of the OneNote app is going above and beyond. The UI has been cleaned up dramatically recently and the newest update includes some solid feature additions. This could be – dare I say it – a good Microsoft app on Android.

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Here's the full changelog from Redmond:

  • Share web content, articles, images, videos, and files with OneNote
  • Get to your most recent notes right from your phone’s Home screen with the OneNote Recent widget
  • Add your favorite page, section, or notebook to the Home screen for quick access
  • Multitask with OneNote in multi-window mode
  • See improvements with rendering and keyboard input issues

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The sharing referred to in the changelog is actually integration with Android sharing intents. So in any app that has the native sharing menu, you can add content directly to OneNote. Whatever you have in OneNote will be easier to access now with home screen shortcuts to any individual note or notebook. There's also a widget for quickly adding notes. Users of Samsung devices will be happy to see full support for Multi Window Mode in this update too.

If you're deeply into the Microsoft ecosystem at home or work, OneNote seems like a solid note taking option.