We all know about Google's experimental self-driving cars, but according to a report by The Wall Street Journal, Mountain View is partnering up with Audi to tackle the entertainment aspect of the automobile first. The companies are expected to announce a new Android-based in-car entertainment system at CES in January to combat Apple's already tight relationship with auto manufacturers.


Google hopes to establish Android as a core element of future cars to provide music, navigation, apps, and Google voice search. Chip maker Nvidia may also be in on the deal to provide a hardware platform for the system. Apple has traditionally seen greater support in the auto industry, with some vehicles even coming equipped with (now obsolete) Apple dock connectors.

Audi might serve as a good test bed for the Android in-car system, but Google is going to need domestic auto makers on board before anyone is going to take note. The action gets underway in Las Vegas on January 7th, but there's no telling when (or if) Google will make this partnership official.