It's been a crazy few months for the team at Cyanogen Inc.. After announcing the partnership with Oppo, the new company cofounded by Steve Kondik and Koushik Dutta has released a CyanogenMod installer app, built a Google-approved ROM for the N1, and secured a mess of funding. Now there's a YouTube channel where you can follow the exploits of the CM crew, and it all starts with a demo of the Oppo N1 running the official CyanogenMod ROM.

The video focuses on the things that set CM apart from stock Android including privacy guard, advanced camera options, CPU controls, themes, and more. There is a little bit of cheesiness to be found in the video, but it focuses on showing off features and that's a smart move (some more established companies seem to forget that). Of course, to pass the Android CTS, there will be no root access out of the box.

The CM edition Oppo N1 is going to be available from Oppo and on Amazon starting December 24th, but supplies will be limited. If you're going to jump on this bit of Android history, keep in mind the Oppo N1 is an unlocked GSM/HSPA+ device only.