After a brief (read: 1-day) hiatus, popular ROM management app ROM Manager has returned to the Play Store. It was originally removed for violation of Google Play's Developer Program Policies, specifically the subsection regarding in-app purchases. Koush, the developer of ROM Manager, had long included a PayPal upgrade option inside of the app, a feature which doesn't jive with Google's policy that apps on the Play Store must use the Play Store billing service exclusively for in-app sales.

Koush had been given six weeks by Google to make a fix to get in compliance, but without warning yesterday, 2 weeks before the end of the window, the app was removed from the store for the policy violation.

Apparently Koush had some luck getting in touch with someone on the Play Store team, and it appears everything's all sorted out.

ROM Manager
ROM Manager
Developer: ClockworkMod
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