It's been half a year since HTC's impressive upgrade to the Butterfly hit shelves, and in all that time it hasn't received a significant update. But if a report from well-known HTC insider LlabTooFeR is correct, the Butterfly S is in the process of being upgraded to Android 4.3 right now. It's also getting the slightly newer Sense 5.5, as seen on the HTC One Max, and decidedly not seen on updated versions of 4.3 for the original One in the United States.

According to the tipster's Twitter post and screenshot, the Butterfly S update includes additional social and global news sources and an offline reader function for HTC's Blinkfeed, a new Embedded music channel in HTC's proprietary Music app, a new My Picks page for Sense TV, and interface adjustments all over the device. That's in addition to all the new goodies that come with Android 4.3. The update is an absolutely massive 746 megabytes, so run for WiFi cover if you intend to download it.

Of course the Butterfly S hasn't been released by a carrier here in the United States, and the only version of the original Butterfly is the DROID DNA, which Verizon just got around to updating to Android 4.2/Sense 5.0 earlier this month. But there's reason for fans of HTC's non-numeral phones to take heart: the manufacturer intends to update the DROID DNA to KitKat by the end of Q1 2014, after the One gets it in January. (All that is pending carrier approval of course.) If HTC intends to upgrade the older DROID DNA, it's a good sign that they'll eventually do the same for the Butterfly S, though they've made no official statement yet.

If you're holding a Butterfly S, be patient - HTC is almost certainly rolling out the 4.3 update to the international phone in stages. If you've already received the update, drop us a line in the comments and let us know your location and time to help out your fellow Butterfly S owners.

Source: Twitter