Motorola seems to have cracked the code to make people really, really excited about the Moto X: give them a huge freakin' discount. After driving the Internet wild and crashing their own site with a Cyber Monday deal on the Moto X for $349.99, the deal has returned via a "12 Days Of Christmas" deal from The Today Show. You can get a $150 discount on any contract-free Moto X from Moto Maker (except the bamboo back version), or take a cool 50% off the on-contract price.


You'll need to jump through a hoop or two to get the discount: first head to this Moto website and enter your information. Use the code "todayshow50" in the registration code field. You'll get an email that walks you through the rest of the process, which is basically Moto Maker plus an extra code, just like it was for the reset Cyber Monday discounts.

As before, the lowered price for the off-contract Moto X is $350, though I'm not sure if you can apply the discount to the slightly more expensive 32GB version of the phone (I don't want to take someone's code to find out). With the alternative 50% discount on the contract phone, the AT&T and Sprint versions are lowered to $50 and the Verizon version is just $30. That's a steal for a semi-custom Android phone. The code also entitles you to 50% off of some bundled accessories.

It's probable that these codes will only be valid for today, December 20th, so get an order in quickly if you want one. And since the discount codes from Cyber Monday and the following promotions disappeared almost instantly, you might want to move quickly in any case.

Moto Maker discount page - use todayshow50 to get $150 off full price or 50% off contract price, bamboo version excluded

Source: The Today Show - thanks to everyone who sent this in!