Press is an RSS reader for people who take their feeds seriously. There are no gimmicks here, no over-the-top visual elements, and there's no free version to speak of. If you want this app, you're going to have to pay $2.99 for it, and that's okay, because it's good. Version 1.5 is now available, and it brings in a selection of features that round out your reading experience. For starters, there's support for KitKat's new immersive mode. It's not enabled by default, but once turned on, UI elements disappear to make more room for text.

Press1 Press2 Press3

This option is joined by the addition of a new night theme.

Press4 Press5

That's not all. The team has added in some additional gestures. You can now swipe to mark stories as read or starred. You can also use gestures to reveal options for rearranging stories in a list or sharing them with other services such as Pocket or Instapaper. Head down to the source link below to see Vine clips of this in action.

What's new:

  • Dark theme
  • All new light theme
  • Immersive mode when viewing articles (KitKat devices)
  • One-tap saving to Pocket/Instapaper (configure in Settings)
  • New gestures in article list
  • Swipe to mark as read/starred
  • Swipe and pull left/right to reveal quick actions
  • Font scaling for accessibility
  • Localization for several languages
  • Bug fixes, performance enhancements

The app was not found in the store. :-(

Source: Press