Gah, what a long, long, lonnng road it has been. From the rumors of "touch sensitive wood" to the actual Moto X launch, MotoMaker, and everything in between, a lot has happened with Motorola this year. And since the X's availability, many users have been chomping at the bit for some of that au naturel action on their phone. I'm referring, of course, to the wooden backs that have long been teased. Well, they're finally here. Err, one is, at least.


The bamboo back is the first to make its appearance on MotoMaker, though it's not available just yet – it's sporting a "delayed shipping" tag; according to the Moto blog, it won't ship till January. But at least it's an option now. And naturally it'll set you back a pretty penny: $100 tacked on the price of the phone, to be exact. So that $100 on-contract 16 gigger just became $200. All for some wood. That doesn't even take up the entire back.

Still, it's an option if you want it, and it is pretty. Go crazy.

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