Samsung has been rolling out Galaxy Gear support to additional devices since the end of October, lumping the functionality in with updates to Android 4.3. A leaked schedule provided a timeline of when to expect various Galaxy handsets across the big four American carriers to get updated, and many OTAs started rolling out right on schedule. Others have not. The AT&T Galaxy Note II's update has been somewhat of a tortoise, but it may soon cross the finish line, as the long-awaited OTA is finally inbound.


If you've been sitting patiently watching as Note II owners on other carriers got the update sooner, you already know what to expect from this OTA.


After all the pieces are in place, your phone will have the goodies found within the last version of Jelly Bean, the ability to pair up with Samsung's $299 smartwatch, KNOX support, speed improvements, and a slew of enhancements spread out across numerous pre-installed apps. All you have to do now is wait a little bit longer.

What's new:

  • Android 4.3 OS upgrade
  • Samsung Galaxy Gear compatibility
  • Premium Suite Features
    • PEN.UP
    • Group Play 2.5
    • Multi-Window (Note 3 Version)
    • Camera – Shot & Sound
    • Group Messaging
    • Samsung Link (Preload)
    • New Easy Mode
    • Samsung Apps
  • Knox

Source: Samsung

Thanks, Sarhan Koshkarli!