We've seen more than a few smartwatches in the last year or so, and for my money, the Pebble is still the only one that's worthy of serious consideration. If you're of the same mind, you can pick one up for thirty dollars off the asking price at Amazon and Best Buy right now. Both merchants are selling the Pebble smartwatch for $119.99.

bestbuy pebble

If you're currently enrolled in a college or university (or you, ahem, have some other access to a .edu email address), Best Buy is also offering an additional $30 discount for students. Just head to the address below and enter your school email for a discount code that can be applied to the retail version of the watch, bringing the total cost down to $89.99. There are some other deals for students as well, including a small discount on a Chromecast. Most of them are valid until February.


Best Buy is offering free shipping to everyone and free in-store pickup in some locations. Amazon will ship the watch free in just two days, but only if you're an Amazon Prime subscriber. Both Best Buy and Amazon offer the watch in a somber black or a fire engine red color. The Pebble is probably the smartwatch with the most developer attention right now, and it just got a substantial update, so this could make a good gift for the tech addict in your life. There's no telling how long this discounted price may last.

Amazon - Pebble Smartwatch Black, Pebble Smartwatch Red

Best Buy - Pebble Smartwatch Black, Pebble Smartwatch Red

Best Buy student discounts