There are a lot of ways to get text from your computer to your Android device, but perhaps none of them are quite so simple as the new app and service. Simply install the app on your phone and you can send text and links from the web service after signing up. Naturally also offers browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox, so you don't even have to go to the website to use the service.

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The browser extensions also tie in with the Android app, sending any selected link or text directly to your Android phone and giving it an optional notification as well. In an excellent example of a developer using the UI tools available, the app uses Android's expanded notifications to allow users to open a link directly, copy text immediately to the clipboard, or share it via the standard share menu. The website includes a basic invite function that lets you share with friends, but it's only using email addresses at the time being - a tie-in with Google+ and Facebook would make it a lot more useful.

Text clipped to your account is visible across all devices and browsers, and there's an app available on iOS as well. (We have analytics, folks - we know that a considerable number of you are reading this on an iPad.) One final note: I don't see any mention of security or encryption on the site or app description, so your password might be the only thing protecting the text you send. It's probably a good idea not to send sensitive information on, at least for the time being.
Developer: unNull
Price: Free