Spotify is great. Despite that fact that many of us abandoned it for Google Music All Access when that was announced, Spotify is still one of the best streaming music services available today. And it just got a lot better (and cheaper).

At a press conference today, Spotify founder Daniel Ek announced that service would basically start offering free streaming to mobile phones and tablets. The model will be different for each device category, but the general gist is the same – stream music, and pay nothing for it.

For tablets, the service will be exactly as it is on computers. Searching for artists and streaming entire catalogs, playlists, radio - the whole shebang will be free, although the occasional ad will be played. On phones, however, it's a little different. Searching artists and playing playlists will be possible, but it will using an always-random model. So you still get the tunes you want, just maybe not in the order you want to hear them. Considering it's free, however, that's hardly something to scoff at.

Also newly-announced today is mobile playlist sharing and discovery, as well as the addition of Led Zeppelin's entire catalog now streaming on Spotify. Cool.

While they don't seem to be available for everyone just yet, these new features should be rolling out today.

The app was not found in the store. :-(

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