The Qualcomm Toq is a limited run device, but it seems there are enough floating around that Qualcomm isn't handling all the sales itself. The Toq debuted on the Qualcomm site last week, but now you can buy the device from Amazon with free Prime shipping for the same $349.99 price.

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The Toq is a little more expensive than the recently released Galaxy Gear, but it uses a color Mirasol screen for profoundly long battery life. It has a somewhat limited suite of apps and functions, but should work fine with any Android device running 4.0.3 or higher. With Qualcomm only planning to do a limited run, it's not clear what future the device really has (other than to show off Mirasol).

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Amazon only has the black version of the watch, but the white hasn't even launched on Qualcomm's site yet. It's still just "coming soon." Even if you try to get a black Toq from Qualcomm, it still lists a 1-2 week ship date. An Amazon order should be in your hands much faster.

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