Cabela's Big Game Hunter series has made the jump to Android, and while it may not come with a giant white and orange plastic rifle, it will still let you shoot down forest critters until your heart's content. For the uninitiated, Big Game Hunter is a casual hunting simulator. You won't be fending off hordes of blood-thirsty monsters here, though some of the animals you come across won't take kindly to your creeping around in their neck of the woods.

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Big Game Hunter gives you 20 different animals to hunt across multiple environments modeled after the American Northwest, the arctic North, and other isolated locations. Players have multiple weapons to choose from, including rifles, shotguns, pistols, and even a bow, if that's more your style. It's not all simulated realism, as there are power-ups such as the ability to slow down time and X-ray vision to lower the difficulty. You can earn these goodies the good old-fashioned way, or you can fork over cold hard cash. Otherwise, the game is available for free below.