After having been beta-tested for the last couple months, the new Twitter v5.0 app for Android has finally been released to all users, with a very mixed critical reception.

If you've been participating in the Twitter alpha or beta programs on Android, this is really nothing new - the latest update adds new features like photos in DMs and the ability to filter your notification timeline, but otherwise, this is the same app you've been using for a while.

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For everyone else, this is a massive upheaval - the UI is completely different, there are major changes to the layout, and a lot of things have moved around. Predictably, this has angered quite a few people - just check out some of the reviews on the Play Store page from today. That new UI, if it's new to you, is still based on tabs, though those tabs are now swipeable, and there is a persistent compose area on the bottom of your three main columns (Home, Discover, Activity). This compose element does go away when you scroll down, but numerous users are already complaining about it taking up screen space.

DMs are now accessed through a dedicated button in the navigation bar up top, and notifications no longer is its own column, but rather a button on the nav bar alongside the aforementioned DMs shortcut. This is a bit reminiscent of Google+, actually.

Anyway, the new update is live, love it or hate it, and you can read more about a couple of the new features on Twitter's blog, here.

Developer: Twitter, Inc.
Price: Free