Chinese manufacturer Oppo has been making a few waves in the Android world as of late, and their latest flagship is now available to hungry consumers in the US. The N1 superphone launches today on Oppo's official web store: $599 American greenbacks lands you one with 16GB of storage, while the 32GB version goes for $649. Standard shipping is free, and the package includes both a flip cover and Oppo's O-Click remote shutter.

oppo n1

The N1 is a beast of a phone, thanks in no small part to its pocket-straining 5.9-inch 1080p screen. Unique features include a 13-megapixel camera on a rotating hinge, so it functions as both the front and rear camera, and a touch-sensitive back panel that's integrated with Oppo's Color software based on Android 4.2. Underneath the chassis it's got a slightly dated Snapdragon 600 processor, 2GB of RAM, and a huge 3610mAh battery. Unfortunately, the unlocked GSM phone is seriously lacking in LTE capability.

But what of the much-anticipated Oppo N1 "CyanogenMod Edition," the first phone to be pre-loaded with the popular custom ROM? According to Oppo's promotional page, it's still coming soon. Oppo's original press release for the N1 said that the standard version of the phone will be able to flash the N1 CyanogenMod ROM directly from the stock recovery, so if you order one now, the only thing you're missing out on is a little cachet and some logos. Oppo has previously stated that the CyanogenMod Edition will be available sometime in December.

At the moment the Oppo store is the only place to buy the Oppo N1 in the US, though I imagine it will expand to Amazon and other online retailers soon. I don't think the N1 is ever likely to show up in carrier lineups. Any takers?

Source: OppoStyle