We're well into the holiday season here in the US, and I know new electronics aren't the only things many of you have picked up lately. If you have some new pounds you're looking to shave, Best Buy has a deal that may just make doing so a little bit easier - or at least more fun. The Fitbit Flex fitness bracelet is currently on sale for $79.99, a savings of $20 from its usual price.


The Fitbit Flex comes with a companion Android app that can track how many steps you've taken, the number of calories you've burned, and the distance you've traveled. The wristband can also measure how long and well you sleep at night. It's not quite the smartwatch that the newer Fitbit Force is, but it's compatible with far more devices. So after jumping on Best Buy's deal, come back and hit up the Play Store below to get started.

Fitbit Flex at Best Buy

Developer: Fitbit, Inc.
Price: Free+