About a week ago, Google announced a new Chromecast update that would bring about some bug fixes and a "refreshed home screen." It wasn't made clear at the time exactly what that meant, but the update appears to be rolling out in full force now, so we've finally gotten a glimpse at this refresh, and it looks a lot better. Instead of just a stock image with huge "ready to cast" text and Chromecast's details, the new, minimal home screen cycles through beautiful images with the Chromecast's name in the bottom left and time in the bottom right. Here's a look at the the old and new compared:

1 2

Left: old; Right: new

Much better, no?

One cool thing about this is that one XDAer happened to find the link that Chromecast is pulling the images from, so you can check it out on in your browser. The image will change every time the page is refreshed, but it will also automatically cycle through the images (just like Chromecast does). Neat.

1[8] 2[6]

Left: Old; Right: New

Thanks, Fabrice!