Google pushed out Android 4.4.1 last week with the build number KOT49E. We spotted the OTA files for all the Nexus devices shortly thereafter and all was well with the world. Well, until today. Sprint has just posted on its support forums and update page that Nexus 5 users can expect an update on their devices today with build number KOT49H – that's slightly newer than the build we got last week.

2013-12-09 14_53_35-Sprint Community_ 12_09 - Google Nexus 5 Software Update - KOT49H

Android build numbers can tell you about when a version of the software was finalized. In this case, both versions would have been completed on the 49th day of the quarter, but the letter tells you what order builds that day came in. The 'H' build would have been after 'E,' so it's technically a little newer. Interestingly, the changelog doesn't make mention of the camera update that was the headliner of the KOT49E build. It does refer to voice mail, which could be Sprint-specific.

This is the first we've heard about this new build number, and it's possible Sprint is just mistaken. However, maybe Google found something amiss and grabbed a newer build to push out. We've reached out to Sprint and will update if we hear back.

Update: Sprint's community moderator has told us that KOT49E was pulled:

The KOT49E was found to have an issue, hence it was pulled out and the latest version KOT49H is being rolled out.

This is by no means an open and shut case. We're still looking around for more confirmation and details.

Update 2: It's Android 4.4.2 and it's coming to all Nexus devices. So the last build wasn't really pulled, it's just being updated.

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