There's a new Android phone available, so you know what that means: open source junkies get to take a look under the hood thanks to publicly-available kernel files. Motorola's post for the Moto G comes a few weeks after it officially went on sale,which is pretty typical. You can download the kernel source code for the Moto X over at SourceForge.

moto g sourceforge

There's only one Moto G model at the moment in a GSM flavor (though new models should be coming soon enough), so there's only one entry at the moment. You can expect the files for the Verizon version and any other localized variants to be posted at the same place just before or after their release.

Kernel files are a big help for ROM developers. With a low price, wide availability, and a software that's pretty close to stock Android already, the Moto G should be very popular with the custom ROM community. There's already a group of XDA forums posted, complete with a healthy development sub-forum. ROM addicts, go get you dev on. 

Source: SourceForge