The PlayStation Network has become a surprisingly rich source of ports for the Google Play Store. Take Dokuro: it's a beautiful 2D platformer that turned more than a few heads when it premiered as a downloadable title for the PS Vita last year. Now it's available on Android for a single buck, and if you're a fan of platformers with both creative gameplay and gorgeous visuals, you should definitely check it out.

The basic gist is that you're guiding a princess through a forbidding castle, kind of like a dimensionally challenged version of ICO. You are a skeletal minion of the dark lord who's kidnapped her, but you're helping her escape because of the power of love, devotion, and possibly ponies. It's a little vague. As a skeleton you'll help the continually advancing princess through ever-trickier puzzles and traps. The twist comes when the skeletal hero regains his living form, which as it turn out is a dapper fellow with a sword. You switch between life and death as you help your bonnie lass through the levels, stabbing bad guys, throwing switches, and occasionally shooting her through a cannon.

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The art in Dokuro is gorgeous - it looks like someone animated Tim Burton's personal blackboard. The decidedly creepy charcoal style might not be every gamer's cup of tea, but if you like what's on display in the trailer up there, it's worth a buck just to try it out. It looks like there are no options for external controllers or SHIELD compatibility, but the relatively simple platforming commands should be easy enough to master with on-screen controls. The game comes from Gung Ho, makers of notable titles like Princess Punt and Silpheed Alternative AM.

Price: $0.99