Have you posted an image on the internet recently? If you didn't use Imgur, you have upset a certain contingent of internet denizens who are sure to let you know the error of your ways. The Imgur app on Android has just gotten a nice update to v1.3, making it even easier to do the right thing.

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There are two big changes in this update, then a few smaller, but still nice tweaks:

  • Tablet layout
  • Native Android top bar and side drawer
  • Prevent cached images showing in Gallery app
  • Prevent old search results repeatedly showing

2013-12-05 14.41.31 2013-12-05 14.42.20

The new tablet UI is much more useful than the scaled-up phone interface we were dealing with before. The action bar at the top has also been redesigned to actually be a native Android UI element with the proper sharing controls and menu button. The same goes for the navigation menu – it's more responsive and the layout is correct now. The Gallery tweak is also cool for anyone who likes to keep a neat SD card. The update should be live for everyone, so hit the Play Store before your next image posting fail.