Pingdom lets you track the status of your servers and websites, and now a new Android app is available to help you keep a watchful eye from a mobile device. This isn't the first piece of software from the company to enter the Play Store, but if you have the previous version installed, you will need to reinstall the new version separately, as it's a completely separate app.


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The new app places more of a focus on outages and will send users straight to that screen after hitting them with a notification. It also provides root cause analysis to help you deal with issues while away from a computer. This all works alongside easier access to historical graphs for uptime, response time, and outages.

Pingdom chose to release a new app due to technical reasons, primarily those related to the notification system. This app is version 3.0, whereas the previous was 1.1. A link to the Play Store is provided below for both new and returning users.

Developer: Pingdom
Price: Free