Google has provided the tools for developers to create desktop Chrome apps for a while now, but it's looking like Chrome apps are going to be hitting mobile devices too. A GitHub repository managed by a Googler contains tools and documentation for the project. Google isn't really keeping it a secret, but neither is it discussing any official details.

2013-12-04 00_47_01-MobileChromeApps (Mobile Chrome Apps) · GitHub

According to the documentation, the developer tools will rely on Apache Cordova to assist in the creation of Chrome-packaged apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (kind of like a webOS app). They will be launched more or less like a regular app with support for offline use, but they won't have access to all parts of the OS. Finished apps could be distributed through Google Play, or the App Store on Apple's platform.

A Google Group post seems to confirm this is an official project, despite the company's refusal to comment. Google developer advocate Joe Marini posted there that the project could be ready for beta testing in January, but anyone is free to fiddle around with the GitHub code in the meantime.

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