Showtime Anytime is how people with an appropriate cable subscription can peruse the channel's content on their phone or tablet. Unfortunately, the app doesn't work on just any internet connection. Your provider has to make the list, and starting today a couple more have joined the ranks. Now people who rely on Time Warner Cable or Bright House Networks to get online can take advantage of Showtime's Android app.

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In addition to support for new ISPs, the new update also lets users remain signed in for longer. This should stop you from having to log in every 24 hours.

What's new:

  • Support for Time Warner Cable
  • Support for Bright House Networks
  • Support for longer sessions—no need to log in every 24 hours!
  • Bug fixes

Showtime Anytime users can view every season of such popular shows as Homeland, Dexter, House of Lies, and many others, but a cable package that includes Showtime is required to do so. If you meet that criteria, you can get started by hitting up the widget below.

Showtime Anytime
Showtime Anytime
Price: Free