Do you find that Instagram, Hipstamatic, and all the other me-too photography apps out there just aren't doing it for you? Then why not try VSCO Cam, the most anticipated iOS camera app port among Pabst Blue Ribbon drinkers and fedora enthusiasts! Here, let's check out this promotional video so we can get a quick look at all the impressive features offered in this exciting new app.

Okay, so that wasn't helpful at all. According to the app description, the photo processing in VSCO creates stunning photos that were "previously unattainable on Android." That's right, your phone's manufacturer spent years of research and millions of dollars developing and miniaturizing the technology that goes into your camera, but its raw potential has been completely untapped until the latest filter-filled photo app came along. Magical.

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Users can apply the pre-set processing settings in various strengths, which at least gives you some degree of control over the effects, and the minimalist interface includes the basic controls for photos. (Plus a square "selfie frame" guide!) Once you take those shots you can view them in the swanky gallery, complete with multiple thumbnail sizes and integrated sharing to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Which is somehow way better than using Android's built-in share function with literally unlimited options. Shared photos include date, geolocation, and preset information, and some admittedly robust photo editing tools are included in the gallery.

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But wait, you can't have a hipster photo app without an integrated social network that gives the illusion of artistic elitism and exclusivity! Enter the VSCO Grid, a "minimalist publishing platform for showcasing the best in photography." Once you set up an account you can browse the gallery and profiles, and upload your own photos. "But Jeremiah," I hear you ask, "how will I make photos of my lunch and pets stand out among such incredible demonstrations of photographic skill?"

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With filters, of course! And not just any filters - these are the best filters in the world, so fantastic that they call them "preset packs!" Some of them are so good, in fact, that you have to pay money just to get them! It's like you're a professional photographer! You could probably write those in-app purchases off on your taxes or something.

So that's VSCO Cam, another camera app that thinks it's better than all the other camera apps. It's compatible with Android 4.0 and up. Go nuts, folks.  

VSCO: Photo & Video Editor
VSCO: Photo & Video Editor
Developer: VSCO
Price: Free+