Update, 12-2 7:30 PM Pacific: Moto Maker has been slammed all day, so Motorola is planning on offering the Moto X discount again on both Wednesday and next Friday.


Update, 12-2 9 AM Pacific: The deal is live, and discounted Moto X phones for all carriers are now available. You can get contract-free 16GB models in the Moto Maker website for $349.99, or upgrade to 32GB for $399.99. Developer editions for Verizon and GSM networks are $399.99 in the Motorola Store.

moto x promo

The site is struggling under a massive load of users, and is periodically showing the "coming soon" boilerplate in Moto Maker. Keep trying if you want that price. The Developer Editions don't seem to be affected. Hurry: supplies are limited, and these phone will go quickly.


If you've been shopping for a new phone, Cyber Monday might be your chance to save some real cash. Motorola has just announced that it will be offering $150 discounts on all off-contract Moto X purchases that day. That includes the carrier-locked phones and the developer editions.

Holiday Phone Capture

That means the carrier versions of the phone from Moto Maker will only cost $349 (usually $499) and the developer editions (usually $549) will work out to $399. Motorola hasn't provided any specific details about how the promotion will work, but it did point out that supplies will be limited. With a hefty discount like that, it's more than likely the online store will be cleared out before the day is through. Because it's the Moto X, we're probably looking at a US-only deal.

Motorola will provide more information as the day approaches (December 2nd, by the way). For now, consume your holiday bird and bide your time.

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