If you're in the market for some stylish new accessories, Tylt has a Cyber Monday deal for you. The company is offering a whopping 50% off everything it sells, including the VU wireless charger. However, there have been some issues with stability as the site gets hammered today, so you can also submit your email to be issued a 50% off voucher for use in the future.

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Tylt has a healthy assortment of cables, external batteries, cases, and other stuff. It's a bit more expensive than competing gear, but that's why the 50% off deal is so cool. The VU charger is admittedly pretty neat, but costs $70. With the deal today it's only $35 – pretty reasonable. To get the deal, just enter code 50off_ty!t during checkout (assuming you can get there). Keep in mind there is a $100 limit per user, so you can't go crazy.


In addition to the VU, Tylt's Energi+ Backpack gets solid reviews, and the Y-Charge car chargers are pretty handsome too. It can't hurt to at least get on the waiting list for a future coupon. We've been able to get through the purchase process, so maybe things are finally getting worked out.

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