If you dig gaming on the go and like the idea of having a controller instead of touch controls, then you've likely considered PowerA's Moga controllers. At this point there are four to choose from: last year's Moga Pocket and Pro, and this year's Hero Power and Pro Power. Each have their own allure – for the Pocket and Hero, it's size. For the Pro models, it's the feel of a full-size controller to get your game on with. If you're sold on the idea but don't want to shell out the asking price, Amazon has a good deal going right now that may be able to sway you over the other "OK, I'm going to buy this" side of the fence.


Here's the gist:

Unfortunately, the Moga Pro Power didn't get a price cut, so if you'll still have to shell out a full $80 if you want a full-size controller with a built-in battery.

There's no word on how long these deals will last, so if you want to buy, better do it now by hitting the links above.