How did we ever live before the days of PR-run social media accounts for major corporations and CEOs of said corporations randomly engaging in internet sabre-rattling with competitors? This truly is a golden age, and AT&T, T-Mobile, and John Legere reminded us of that fact yesterday, when the three got into it over a disgruntled AT&T subscriber ready to head for pinker pastures. Jay Rooney, the subscriber in question, tweeted the following yesterday around 11AM:

A stinging rebuke indeed for America's... Belliest (I'm running out of usable superlatives here) carrier, which continues to charge the same egregious international data roaming rates as much of the industry. T-Mobile, never one to miss an opportunity to dish on AT&T, was quick to respond:

This, of course, led to additional celebration.

It's at this point that AT&T apparently would be having no more of this business, and issued a response of its own.

AT&T seems to believe T-Mobile is some kind of basement torture box. And this is where the, if I may, smackdown commences.

Zing. The humor of the situation isn't lost on Mr. Rooney, who quite admirably attempts to egg on the wireless warriors. AT&T, though, is suddenly above silly name-calling and is taking its kindergarten panel and going home.

Adding insult to injury, John Legere (CEO of T-Mobile), never one to shy away from an opportunity to bash the competition, straight up calls out AT&T's CEO to join in on the fun. Something tells me Randall Stephenson won't be signing up for Twitter any time soon, though.

Ah, John, what would we do without you? You really are the most entertaining man in the wireless business - don't ever change.