One of the biggest issues with many Android devices is the subpar camera – only recently have manufacturers really started to step up their game and put better hardware in top-end devices. What many users may not realize, however, is that simply trying different software can drastically change the entire camera experience. Sure, the device is still limited by the hardware, but changing the software can definitely help get the most out of any shooter.

Of course, there are dozens of camera apps on the Play Store, so finding the right one can be a daunting task. No one wants (or needs) 15 different camera apps, after all. So the key is finding one that brings the most bang for you buck. For example, Almalence's A Better Camera is, well, a better camera. It brings features that may not currently be present on many devices, like dramatic HDR shots, 360 degree panoramas, and time lapse video recordings, just to name a few.

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So, what makes A Better Camera better? Features. This is a premier, full-featured camera for your phone or tablet. It's chockfull of the options that everyone wants on their device's camera, and aims to serve up some of the best images mobile cameras are capable of producing. Here's a look at what you'll get from A Better Camera:

  • HDR  - High Dynamic Range delivers vivid, rich images
  • Panorama – up to 360 degrees
  • Unwanted object removal – make objects disappear with a tap
  • Night mode – get better low-light photos
  • Group portrait – fuses faces from a series of photos into one to ensure the best possible outcome
  • Video recording with time lapse – speed that video up!
  • Pre-shot – capture what happened before you hit the button
  • Sequence shot – snap several photos in a row to get an "action shot"
  • Burst and expo-bracketing – grabs multiple images and combines them to get the best lighting possible
  • Self-timer – to grab a family picture when you have no one to man the lens 
  • Zoom – this is... zoom

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But that's not all. One of the things camera junkies love most is being able to manually dial in the settings to better capture the image. With A Better Camera, all of the camera's controls, settings, and functions are accessible and ready to be tweaked. This allows more advanced photographers to get exactly what they want out of their mobile's camera.

The appealing thing about this particular camera, however, is that it's just as useful and versatile for beginners as it is for someone who's been behind the lens for years. Thanks to the above-listed presets, you can quickly and easily capture images in nearly any scenario.

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Now that we've established what A Better Camera can do, let's talk about the cost. Like many popular Android apps, ABC uses in-app purchases to offer users exactly what they want – but the majority of the features are completely free, and the ones that aren't, are free to try. For example, you're allowed 30 shots with HDR, panorama, moving object removal, sequence photo, and group shot modes. After that, you can select only the ones you want for a small fee, or unlock all features permanently for $5.95. The rest of the prices pan out pretty fairly for those who just want one or two features:

  • HDR – $0.99
  • Panorama – $2.99
  • Object Removals and Sequence Photo – $2.99
  • Group Shot – $2.99

So, for example, if you won't use Panorama or Group Shot but really want HDR, save yourself a few bucks and just pick that one up for a dollar. Pick and choose, then pay what you want; or get the whole shebang for six bucks. Not a bad deal.

Update: From now until December 6th, all of A Better Camera's features can be unlocked for just $2.99. That's half off!

So where you can get A Better Camera? Why, from Google Play of course. Following the widget below will take you directly to it. To keep up with the latest happenings with A Better Camera, it's encouraged to like it on Facebook; this way you can stay privy to current and future updates, new features, and the like.

A Better Camera
A Better Camera
Developer: Almalence
Price: Free+