Since the dawn of Chrome Beta for Android, Google blocked it from the Play Store's search results for some reason. For those who use the browser as their default, this was a huge pain in the ass, as it meant searching Google to find a direct link to the browser when installing it on a new device. Sure, that may sound minor, but not being able to find your favorite browser from the device's Play Store search results is just annoying. You couldn't even find it directly from Google's developer page.

As of today, however, Google has finally made it searchable in the Play Store. Seriously – go try it for yourself.


There's some visible proof, too, just in case you just don't feel like clicking a link or searching for it manually. Like a pillow, AP is here to support you[r laziness].

So yeah, no more links needed. Just go search for it. Good stuff.

Chrome Beta
Chrome Beta
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free