Minecraft-themed shooter? Yeah, we've done that. Minecraft-themed platformer? Yup. Minecraft-themed dungeon crawlers, RPGs, and (of course) zombie games? You bet. Now developer DogByte, of 8-bit Ninja fame, is bringing Minecraft to the racing genre with the cleverly-titled Blocky Roads. For the moment this 2.5D driving game is exclusive to the Amazon Appstore, where you can pick it up for two bucks.

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How do you combine the blocky sensibilities of Minecraft with a super-simple racer a la Excite Bike? By making the vehicles buildable and moddable, of course. After you complete three races in Blocky Roads you're free to create your own cars and trucks with the materials you pick up in the other levels in the familiar and methodical block-by-block method. You can also paint your car or customize your character model, such as it is.

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Blocky Roads has attractive 2.5D graphics, at least if you like the quasi-pixelated look of these sorts of games, and the simple controls and physics should appeal to fans of the endless runner genre. Though a $2 game usually includes oodles of in-app purchases, this title has only one: another $2 to instantly unlock all nine pre-made cars. Not bad, all things considered. Blocky Roads is exclusive to the Amazon Appstore for the time being, but these games tend to find there way to Google Play in under a month.

Amazon Appstore - Blocky Roads