Third-party music players are a little less important ever since Google cleaned up Play Music, but there's still something to be said for the venerable old doubleTwist. This app has gone through several UI iterations and adjusted its feature set to better serve Android users as time went on. With the newest update, the app improves support for tablets with a UI overhaul, among other improvements.

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Here's the full changelog straight from doubleTwist v 2.3:

  • Redesigned UI, including new UI for 7" and 10" inch tablets.
  • Artist view now shows artist image and biography (if available).
  • Easily create new playlists, batch-add songs to the Play Queue or delete songs using doubleTwist's unique multi-select design.
  • Launch Magic Radio stations directly from your music library: you can now easily create new Magic Radio stations while browsing your music library by Artist, Album, Song or Playlist.

The new design has a lot of Android UI elements, but it doesn't look like a cookie cutter Holo app – there's still that doubleTwist vibe throughout. Tablets now have a dual-pane view with easy-to-access playback controls and bigger album art. On that note, the app also supports the proper full-screen lock screen album art in KitKat now.

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The Magic Radio features are cool, but keep in mind that isn't a free feature. You can try it free for 7-days, but after that it's $24.99 per year. You also get all the doubleTwist premium features with it, though.