If you have a lot of events and/or deadlines to keep up with, then Google Calendar is a good way to know what's coming up and know where you stand in terms of time. One of the biggest benefits of Android (in my opinion, anyway) is widgets, so a Google Calendar widget is a quick and easy to see your schedule at a glace. The thing is, the stock Calendar widget is pretty... ugly. It's actually kind of an eyesore. Sorry, Google – it really.

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The beauty of that, however, is that you can head into Google Play and get yourself a new widget. More often than not, you can even get something that has more features than the stock offering, which is just an added bonus. Let's take Today – Calendar Widgets for example, a very attractive widget set by Jack Underwood that brings both some added functionality and good looks to your home or lock screen.

Today is a set of two widgets – agenda and month – that show all the pertinent information you'd expect from a calendar widget, and it looks great doing it. With its very Holo-esque UI, it blends right in with Android's stock look and feel (even more so than the stock widget), and even offers a handful of nice options, as well.

Screenshot_2013-11-25-13-21-57 Screenshot_2013-11-25-13-22-22 Screenshot_2013-11-25-13-22-08

Under Today's hood, you'll find a slew of settings for both aesthetic and event options, including color options, transparency settings, custom date ranges, options to show all day events and locations, and several others. For something that many users would consider a "simple" widget, it definitely offers quite a few useful features. I dig it.

Today will set you back $1.60, but it's an elegant solution for anyone looking to get more from their calendar and easily worth the cost of a 20 ounce beverage.

Today - Calendar Widgets
Today - Calendar Widgets
Developer: Jack Underwood
Price: $3.12


You know where Today looks great? On the Nexus 5. And on a scale of one to ten, I think it's safe to say that the Nexus 5 is the best Nexus phone yet. It's fast, sleek, sexy, and has the Google Experience Launcher to tie everything together. It's fantastic. Like peas in a pod, Today and the Nexus 5 are. And thanks to Jack Underwood, you can score a 16GB Black Nexus 5 for zero moneydollars. That's a pretty good deal. Two runners up will each receive $25 in Google Play credit, so even if you don't score a free N5, you can load up on all kinds of apps and games for your existing devices – like Today, for example.

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