We had high hopes for the Nexus 5's camera, and while we haven't gone so far as to call it awful, we wouldn't rush to call it much more than a general improvement over last year's offering. It tops what the Nexus 4 brought to the table, but it doesn't quite match what other manufacturers have come up with since. Yet Google doesn't like this narrative, so its moving forward with efforts to brand its latest handset as the perfect companion for capturing any moment. The company has released four new ads, three of which push the Nexus 5's camera.

The remaining ad refers to the magic Google+ performs on photos that users opt to automatically backup to the service. It highlights Auto Awesome, which can take pictures taken in rapid succession and turn them into short animations. It's a useful feature, but not one that's exclusive to any particular device.

The Nexus 5 excels in many areas, so it's a little odd to see Google emphasizing what could be considered one of the phone's weakest elements. But hey, at least the ads aren't glorifying its awful speaker.

Note: Some of the videos above originated from the ad Google released on October 31st when it unveiled the Nexus 5.

Source: YouTube